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How to make Smartsheet bar charts with multiple colors based on value

A user in the Smartsheet community asked how he can change colors in a column chart based on value. Specifically, he wants negative numbers to be red and positive numbers to be blue.

This is not "possible" using basic charting features when your data is laid out in a single column. This is because Smartsheet identifies each column as a complete series in a chart, and you can only modify the color of the entire series. However, there is a workaround that we developed which resulted in the below chart.

In this chart, negative values appear red, positive values blue, and the highest (max) value(s) are gold. Importantly, the chart will adapt if the values are changed. For example, if Jan becomes a negative value that column will automatically turn red. To achieve this, you need to:

  • Make separate columns for each color you'll want to use,

  • Use formulas to pull the appropriate values into only one column,

  • Reference these columns and apply colors to the individual series that result from them.

Watch the video for a step-by-step walkthrough creating this chart live!

Want us to make this chart for you? Connect with us at

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