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The School of Sheets difference - A humanized approach to professional services.

At School of Sheets, we're proud to be different. We take the time to get to you know you, understand not only your business processes, KPIs, and goals, but also who you are - from the c-suite to the contractors, we seek to understand how you work best and then provide what everyone needs to get execute their job as easily and efficiently as possible while keeping everyone informed each step of the way.


Your business is our business and your success is our success. This core value is instilled in everything we do. 



Let's get to know each other.

​We offer all interested clients a no-obligation 30-minute call to:

  1. Learn about your business and what you're hoping to accomplish with Smartsheet,

  2. Detail possible solutions Smartsheet can provide,

  3. Answer any questions you have about Smartsheet functionality and/or working with us,

  4. Determine if we're the right partner for you.


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Starting off on the right foot.

If you decide to move forward with us we'll quickly take care of the legalese and get you scheduled with a Sr. Architect to get down to business. With the information from the project exploration call to guide them, we'll dig deeper into your needs and get the info needed to start development.


Image by Loui Kiær

Turning your wildest Smartsheet dreams into reality.

We take a flexible and collaborative approach to solution development and work closely with clients every step of the way. Our processes and approached have been refined since our inception after dozens of clients and over 10,000 hours of Smartsheet development.

While every project is different we generally:

  1. Develop based on your specific input and only at your request,

  2. Review development regularly with you (weekly is typical),

  3. Respond to changes and requests in real time to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Even with the best planning there are always unforeseen changes as you learn more about what Smartsheet can do and we learn more about your business.. Anyone that tells you different is either lying or misguided. This is why we work closely and flexibly with clients rather than enact rigid SOWs and inevitable Change Orders.


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Welcome to your new Smartsheet system.

Once your Smartsheet item(s) have been fully developed to your exact specifications, tested for proper functionality, and enthusiastically approved by you, it is time for you take ownership of your solution. You'll have options regarding licensing, user administration/ access provisioning, employee training, and ongoing management. No matter what you choose, we'll help make the transition as seamless as possible.


Once you've adopted your solutions, we can stick around to offer ongoing support, troubleshooting, user assistance, maintenance and more. If you want to take things in house, no problem, we can provide training materials, documentation, and even video walkthroughs so you can handle the front end and the back end. Oh, and we will respond when you email us in 3 months with a question.

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Your business is our business.

Your success is our success.

Customized solutions for the way you work.

Uncompromising attention to every detail.

Lasting partnerships, not one-time products.

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