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How to use the Smartsheet Document Builder

Join School of Sheets for a comprehensive walkthrough of one of the newest features in Smartsheet, Document Builder. Be sure to check out the timeline links below to jump to the section you're interested in.


-0:00 Intro to Document Builder

-0:25 Presentation Overview

-0:42 Use Case (Sales Pipeline Reporting) Walkthrough

-1:08 Sheet Configuration Guidelines

-2:01 Creating a PDF template with Microsoft Excel

-3:19 Creating a Fillable PDF with PDFescape

-4:44 Creating a Fillable PDF with Adobe Acrobat Pro

-6:36 Document Builder Overview

-7:05 Mapping Fields with Document Builder

-8:13 Generating a PDF with Document Builder

-8:48 Reviewing Generated PDF's within your Sheet

-9:08 Reusing the Saved Mapping Configuration

-9:35 Reviewing the Version History

-10:13 Potential Use Cases and Conclusion

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Free 30-day Smartsheet Trial

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Free Trial

Smartsheet Advanced Learning Track - Document Builder

How to create a fillable PDF from a word document:

PDF Escape

How the Smartsheet community is talking about Document Builder

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